Saline's own Bryan Corfman
AKA: "MacGyver"

30+ Years of Experience & Ongoing Training
Ph:  734.604.5123

Known for his clever and innovative solutions to problems, Bryan has earned his reputation as a bit of a "MacGyver".
He can find, or make, a solution to just about any challenge put in front of him.


If you are wondering what the "Plus" in his name is for, it stands for everything else he can fix in addition to automobiles.
Not only is welding in his realm of expertise but he can also fix anything from garden tractors to pick-up trucks.
While working for the City of Saline's Department of Public Works he fixed them all, plus police cars, street cleaners and snow plows. 
He has had his wrench on them all!

Not sure if he can fix what you have?  Give him a call at: 734.604.5123!

* Visa
* American Express
* Discover

  • Designer, Engineer & Builder of the Launcher that won the Michigan Recreation and Park Association Innovative Park Resource Award.  The complete story can be found on Ann Arbor's "MLive".

  • A mechanic with a heart of gold, he and Dr. Kathy VanKoevering came to the rescue of "Dash", the kitten, trapped inside the dashboard of a Ford Escape.  Subscribers can read their story on "The Saline Post".

106 North Ann Arbor Street, Saline, MI  48176

Ph: (
Hours: M-F  7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

The shop entrance is located off of the parking lot behind the East side of the building
across from Union School.

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